FUT Technique

This older technique will consist of removing a strip of skin from the back of the skull, 8 to 15mm wide, the length of which varies depending on the number of follicular units required.

The hair is shaved at the crown on a rectangular area. This area is then anesthetized locally.

The scalp strip is then removed and the wound is closed with suture or staples.

The scar is completely invisible as long as there is hair over 1 cm in the back of the skull.

This strip is then carefully cut by several assistants under the microscope to separate the grafts and thereby obtain micro-grafts of 1, 2 or 3 hairs.

The area to be grafted is then anesthetized locally and prepared by making numerous micro-incisions aimed at precisely determining the place of re-implantation of the grafts.

The grafts are then implanted one by one inside the micro-incisions.

Advantages of the FUT technique:

Ideal when a very large number of follicular units is required

No shaving required either at the front or back of the head


Disadvantages of the FUT technique:

  • Need for suturing and stapling in the donor area
  • Presence of a scar on the back, visible if hair shorter than 1 cm
  • A little more pain and swelling possible postoperatively
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