PRP Technique

Boost hair growth with PRP injections

The injection of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a minimally invasive and effective treatment to limit hair loss and promote the regrowth of miniaturized hair.

A natural, safe and very effective method!


What is the principle of the PRP?

In our blood, we have three types of cells: red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets that bathe in the plasma. Platelet Rich Plasma is a platelet concentrate in a small volume of plasma.

This platelet concentrate releases during injection a multitude of growth factors whose roles are multiple: the creation of new blood vessels, division of cells, tissue regeneration, regeneration of new follicles, healing.


When do we see the results of the PRP session?

The PRP session will take effect on average after 3 to 6 weeks, time necessary of course for the regeneration of the hair follicles to take place.

How does a PRP session take place?

The doctor draws blood (approximately 15 ml of blood is taken) and then places it in a centrifuge in order to isolate the platelets from the other 2 constituents of blood (red blood cells and white blood cells). He then recovers plasma enriched platelets and reinjects it into the scalp in the form of multiple micro-injections using the thinnest needles available. The total duration of the act and consultation that accompanies it is 40 minutes. These injections may cause minimal pain.

What are the adverse effects of PRP?

PRP is a product from your own organism. It is therefore 100% biocompatible and carries no risk of allergy or rejection. Just like all injections, small rashes are always possible but are extremely rare.

The injection of PRP is invisible and you can work again immediately after the session.

How many PRP sessions are needed?

PRP can either be used alone, then 4 annual sessions are recommended. But it is more interesting to combine PRP with other medications for better results, 1 to 2 annual sessions are then recommended.

Can we combine PRP with a hair transplant?

Of course. Currently it is strongly recommended to perform a PRP session at the end of a hair transplant. This PRP will stimulate good grafting, good healing of the area removed and will significantly accelerate hair regrowth after transplantation. It is also recommended to perform 2 PRP sessions in addition to the year following the transplant.

What is the cost of a PRP session?

All rates of pay are visible here.

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